5 Tips For Choosing A Quality Hauling Contractor

Truck trailer transporter with hauler carrying agricultural tractor on the road, in Slovenia.

For any excavation and construction project, even the most mundane aspects of the job need to be handled well. When it comes to rock and dirt hauling, that rule certainly still applies. You want to choose a company that checks all the boxes, but exactly are the things you should look out for?

In our very first blog, we’ll take a very brief look at some of the most important tips for finding quality dirt, rock, and/or heavy equipment hauler.

Checking For The Proper Insurance

It would be easy to assume that any hauling company that you use will have the proper insurance for the job, but you definitely shouldn’t. While dirt/rock hauling is simple on paper, there are still multiple points of potential failure. If an incident occurs, you want to be sure that your hauling contractor has the necessary insurance. 

If you ask a company about their insurance and they refuse to disclose proof of the proper insurance, it may be time to find another hauling company.

Reliable Trucks For Hauling

In addition to having the proper insurance, you should also check the type and quality of trucks they have to offer. What exactly are the capacities of their vehicles? Are they relatively new, or is their fleet older? Do their drivers have a history of poor driving? These are all good questions to have answered before you make a final decision. 

If a company has limited information about this, try asking any companies who have worked with the prospective hauling company in the past. This could be a great outside source before you make a decision.

A Company’s History 

Related to our previous point, you could also look into the history of a company. Prior projects, the quality of their drivers, and other information could help you narrow down who you should work with. Companies often have a brief bio on their website, 

Clear Pricing 

One issue that is still a persistent issue in the construction industry is clear pricing and billing information. When contacting a hauling company, be sure to ask how their pricing operates and how billing will happen. Too often, a misunderstanding in the beginning of the process can lead to financial confusion and even legal disputes. 

Consistent Communication

One of the most consistent wrenches in any construction project is poor communication. Sometimes it can mean that the wrong equipment or supplies are delivered, but it can also lead to more serious matters like a workplace injury. This is why clear communication between your team and your hauling contractor is crucial.

One way to find out if a company is good at communication is to simply look for honest reviews of their company either online or by word-of-mouth. This isn’t the only way to gauge their communication, but it is a great place to begin.

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