About White Oak Trucking

White Oak Trucking got its humble beginnings in 2019 as a formal company, but our history runs much deeper in the Greater Des Moines area. Initially part of our sister company Wenthold Excavating, our team decided that our services could be more helpful as a standalone business. Since then, White Oak Trucking has grown into one of Des Moines’ premier excavating companies, receiving stellar reviews and even an award by the DOT for drug testing. 

With a dedicated, professional crew of drivers and an impressive fleet to match, we are confident in our ability to haul what our customers need, when they need it. We understand that time is money in the construction world, so we focus on quick, quality service for every project. 

Our Vision

Our vision is simply a Des Moines expertly served by quality hauling services year-round.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simply support the construction efforts in Des Moines with quality heavy equipment and dirt/rock hauling. 

Sponsorship Opportunities With Us

We love giving back to the community we serve. As such, we currently sponsor local sports teams to promote healthy, active activities among the youth of Des Moines!

If you’re looking for a sponsor for your local event, sports team, or another upcoming opportunity, then our team at White Oak Trucking would love to help. Contact us today to inquire about a sponsorship! 

Get In Touch With Us to Learn More!

Want to learn more about the White Oak Trucking team? We’d love to speak with you. You can get in touch with us via phone or email to receive more information or to begin using our services!