Common Heavy Hauling Issues & How We Solve Them

A very large haul dump truck being hauled by an 18 wheel truck down a freeway

Heavy hauling is not a walk in the park; it is actually hard work. From loading heavy items to the transportation process, all of it is risky business and can be very difficult to carry out. Many hauling services come across issues that hinder the process and can make things worse. Let’s discuss the common problems hauling services face.


All your drivers must have the proper permits they need to drive in different states. These permits tell the local authorities that there is a vehicle that is going to go around the town and can be dangerous. If you don’t have the permit, and an unfortunate incident takes place, it can be quite problematic for the driver as well as the trucking company. You might get a very heavy fine which can mean a hindrance in transportation, resulting in an overall loss of money.  

Fast Driving 

Fast driving can pose massive problems. Many transport drivers drive fast to complete their journey as quickly as possible. They often have to travel long distances which is why they try to be as quick as they can. This is very dangerous as there is already a lot of load on the vehicle. Reckless driving can put you into situations you don’t want and surely wouldn’t appreciate. There have been far too many accidents involving heavy vehicles to show the threat they pose. When driving a heavy vehicle with a heavy load, you must make sure that you drive slowly. Hauling services should be very stern with their drivers with regard to reckless driving. 

State Law 

Each state has defined its state laws for heavy hauling. The laws might not be the same for every state, which is why it is important that your driver is well aware of these laws of the state they are entering. Many truckers make the mistake of assuming that the state laws are the same everywhere and get caught up in problems that could have easily been avoided.  For instance, in Elkhart, IA the trucking permits only last for 5 days. Trucking companies need to educate their drivers and reinforce hauling laws so there are no problems. 


It is essential for drivers to have traveled a route before they take heavy hauls on it. The route might not be best suited for heavy hauling. Checking the route on a map is not enough as it will not show you whether it is good enough to travel or if it’s too rugged. Moreover, it is also very important for you to know if there are any under and overpasses that can cause difficulty for your heavy vehicle. It can be very difficult to deal with such an issue when you have already traveled the distance. 


The hauling services are not over until your driver makes it to the end. It is very important for a company to stay in communication with its driver. They must know exactly where their driver is and what they are doing. There can be several problems that your driver may come across on the road and will need assistance. This is why it is better for the communication lines to be open so that all problems can be handled with care. 

Hauling services can easily avoid these problems. They just need to make sure they understand the issues and reach the solutions efficiently. Contact White Oak Trucking, today!