How Our Hauling Services Make Your Iowa Construction Project Faster & Safer?

A dump truck being filled with dirt and debris at a construction site for hauling services in Elkhart, IA

There’s much going on in a construction project that you need to be aware of and take extra precautions for. Any missing or overlooked factor could ruin your project’s foundation, leaving you with wobbly and weak roots. If you’re undertaking a responsibility such as a construction project, you need to hire hauling services. 

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Why You Need to Hire Our Hauling Services

There are plenty of reasons and benefits that you get from hiring a hauling service. But when you choose to put your faith in our hauling services, you can get the best experience for your labor and the overall construction process. 

When you contact White Oak Trucking, our process of hauling your heavy equipment is straightforward to understand. We ask for relevant information about your equipment or whatever material you want to haul, where you want to locate it, and other similar details. When we have gathered all the important data about the project, we will provide you with a quote and send our team of drivers to the given location.

Our teams of drivers are qualified and experienced individuals with clean driving records. We are careful to hire the most reliable drivers in the general vicinity for maximum safety and faster services. We realize time is money in the construction business, so we have an efficient and advanced fleet of trucks for better transportation. 

Our Hauling Services 

We offer hauling services for both heavy equipment, dirt, and rocks. The difference between these two is vast, and we offer both of them to fit your requirements in the best way possible. Let us explain our services individually to identify which is the right one for you. 

Dirt and Rock Hauling

You usually need dirt hauling when you’re either finishing a project or starting in a place that’s full of previous junk. 

At White Oak Trucking, we offer complete dirt and rock hauling services through Des Moines. We encompass projects of all scopes and sizes. We take care of each pebble, so our clients don’t have to. Our customer services, trucks, and drivers all perform to the best of their abilities. 

Heavy Equipment Hauling 

When starting a major construction project, you usually need to transport your materials and equipment from one location to another.

White Oak Trucking offers a wide range of heavy hauling equipment to assist you in your relocation process, as we utilize different truck configurations and lowbed structures. 

About White Oak Trucking 

White Oak Trucking is a local hauling company situated in Elkhart, Iowa. We provide our hauling services to Elkhart and the Great Des Moines area. Initially, our business was a formal company in 2019, but then our team decided we operated better as an individual hauling service. Our history is much more detailed in the Des Moines area. 

After our independent start-up launch, we received remarkable reviews and even an award for drug testing by DOT.

We even have sponsorship opportunities. We are proud to serve the community in more ways than one, and if you are on a sports team or know someone indulging in similar activities, visit our website for an in-depth look.

Hire White Oak Trucking for Your Iowa Construction Project

To receive a free consultation and a free quote for your next hauling project, send us an email or give us a call to get started. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your construction’s safety and security are in good hands. You can contact us via email or number.