How to Choose an Equipment Hauling Company in Iowa


Transporting heavy equipment from one part of town to another is no task for the faint of heart. Not only does it require specialized vehicles, highly trained drivers, and the ability to remain compliant with government regulations, but it takes a reliable company to ensure that every aspect of the job is taken care of with the utmost safety and efficiency. 

Heavy equipment hauling is a time-consuming and stressful task or part of any project. 

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What Do You Look For in a Trusted Heavy Hauling Company? 

Because heavy hauling involves many different aspects, finding the right company means learning about their capabilities, workforce, fleet, insurance coverage, and staff training. 

Key factors to look for include:

#1 The Right Equipment 

Although it isn’t everything, the right equipment is absolutely essential. There is no such thing as improvising vehicles when hauling heavy equipment. These heavy lifters have to be technically and fully equipped with the necessary specs to transport heavy loads and cargo. 

In addition, different types of trucks have different characteristics. The right one depends on what you are carrying. If you’re transporting landscaping materials such as mulch, sand, and dirt, you need a dump truck. If you are carrying heavy construction vehicles, you need flatbed trailers or lowboy trailers. 

#2 The Right Training and Process 

Once you have verified that the company has the right equipment for the job, look into the type of training and the process they employ. Ask about the qualifications of their drivers. When communicating with them, you want to gauge that the company is clear and upfront about the costs. 

Back and forth communication is an important indicator of the company’s reliability and competency. Having a company you can communicate with effectively is a big plus when you’re transporting expensive equipment, cargo, or other products. 

#3 Insurance 

Every heavy hauling company should have a specific type of insurance that helps protect you and your cargo if anything were to happen. Every type of vehicle has its own type of insurance, so you want to verify the company has the adequate type of insurance and the proper amount for the load they will be transporting for you. 

#4 Safety-First Protocols

When communicating with the company, you can inquire about the types of safety measures they have in place when it comes to loading, transporting, and unloading cargo. 

Compliance standards are important to keep workers safe, but they also exist to keep all equipment and cargo safe as well. The company should be very open and consistent about their safety protocols and how they will ensure that your cargo makes it from point A to point B in one piece. 

#5 Adamant and Precise with Compliance Standards

So much of heavy hauling involves meeting compliance standards set by local, state, and federal regulations. When the transportation of heavy loads is involved, permits are a must. Large loads such as construction vehicles, large shipping containers, construction material, generators, manufactured homes, or wind propellers, require very specific processes. 

The state and federal governments are specific about how this cargo must be secured, what equipment is used, etc. Entities such as Iowa DOT are responsible for setting the requirements for these permits. The states must ensure compliance in order to keep the public and other motorists safe as this large equipment passes through highways, streets, and roads. 

#6 Pricing and Costs 

Finally, the rates the company charges are, of course, a factor. The most important thing is that the company is transparent about the costs and can itemize them for you so you understand where these costs are coming from. If the company has good insurance, adequate, well-maintained equipment, and trained drivers, then you know you are paying for reliable service.

#7 Service Area and Reputation 

Other considerations include verifying the service area of the company. Some might charge more if they are going outside of this service area, so finding out ahead of time can help you gauge whether the company is right for your needs. 

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